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yogi's fees

Affordable and transparent prices for our services.

Choose from any one of our single sessions that best suits your best friend.
You can save money by purchasing one of our packages below.

Single Puppy Sessions

Pre-Puppy Zoom Session

A 45 minute discussion covering how to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy including bringing your puppy home, how to settle them in, toilet training, what to consider when choosing food, toys, chews and how to get through the first few weeks! Also includes advice on children's behaviour around your puppy and how to help them develop the best bond.


Puppy Initial 1-2-1 Session

Over an hour and a half we cover all things puppy from sleeping through the night, toilet training, nipping, chewing, over-excitement, the "witching hour", through to building independence, preventing resource guarding, jumping up, and some really fun foundation training games to build focus, early recall and impulse control. Includes a follow up report.


Puppy 1-2-1 Training Session

Following on from the initial session we progress to hour long sessions that can cover a wide variety of training from settling on a mat, 'stay', recall, loose lead walking and any behaviour issues your puppy might be facing.




Get comprehensive training for your best friend.

Star Puppy!

Initial Puppy Session

2 x Puppy 1-2-1’s


Super Star Puppy!

Initial Puppy Session

4 x Puppy 1-2-1’s


Royal Puppy Package

Pre-puppy zoom

Initial Puppy Session

6 x Puppy 1-2-1’s


Our Class Prices


Puppy Squad (under 5 months) -6 x 45 minute sessions

Total price


Puppy Squad Juniors (5 to 8 months) -6 x 45 minute sessions

Total price


Puppy Squad Mixed (all ages from 5 months) -6 x 45 minute sessions

Total price


Puppy Squad Teens (6 months to 2 years) -6 x 1 hour sessions

Total price


Yogi's Achievers -6 x 1 hour sessions

Total price



new course!

Yogi’s Achievers

(IMDT Partnership Grades 1-5)

An internationally recognised award system combining functional training and fun for dogs and owners. These adult classes start from beginners through to advanced. The course continues over 6 week blocks and enables dogs and owners to progress as quickly or as slowly as they choose. Starting at Level 1 you will need to reach specific levels of training before progressing to the next level. A great class for those who love to achieve!

our dog training sessions

Dog Training 1-2-1

  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Stay
  • Mat training
  • Jumping up
  • Over-excitement
  • House manners
  • Tricks!


90 minutes plus follow up report


Per hour follow up sessions

Dog Behaviour (minimum 2 sessions)

Initial session - 90 minutes plus follow up report


Follow up sessions - Per Hour


Support Calls - For 20 minutes


Yogi’s dog training can help with: Toilet training, excessive barking, jumping up and mouthing, separation anxiety, resource guarding, lead reactivity, dog to human aggression, dog to dog aggression, cat chasing, anxiety, lunging, dogs, people and traffic.

rescue dogs
get a 10% discount

Dog Behaviour Package

Initial session plus follow up report
2 x follow up sessions
2 x support calls
(can be used to help prepare for arrival)